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The Steam Bath Ritual
Yoni Steam is a blend of natural herbs used to prepare a steam bath, commonly known as vaginal steaming.

This ancient method of treating intimate infections, is known worldwide by various names, including V-Steam, Bajo (in South American countries) or Chai-yok (in Korea).

This practice has been, and continues to be, widely used by midwives, herbalists, healers and all kinds of medicine and regular women around the world. All in order to heal our sacred feminine vessels and bring balance to our lives.

Healing herbal treatment
Contrary to vaginal irrigation, the purpose of a vaginal steam is not to cleanse the Yoni, since your vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

The role of a Yoni Steam has a lot to do with the beneficial effect heat has on the female body.

The proper blood flow in the pelvic floor region, supplies the entire body with oxygen and nutrients, and is essential for your overall health, including your sacred space.

As the herbs are being boiled in water, they release essential oils, which then combine with the steam and contact your skin.

The heat relaxes the pelvic muscles, while the ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, leaving it nourished and cared for.

The Yoni Steam Bath accelerates blood flow in our pelvis, while transporting active herbal ingredients throughout the body.

Beneficial Properties of Herbal Baths
Yoni steams have a beneficial effect on our well-being, they help you to regulate the menstrual cycle, support healing of different female conditions (including endometriosis and ovarian cysts), prevent intimate infections, bacterial and fungal inflammation, they reduce vaginal dryness and relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Our emotional and physical bodies are connected - our emotional state determines on our physical health.

In the emotional body, our womb space is where we accumulate emotions of anger and past traumas. The womb is also the place where our creativity, ability to manifest abundance and the power of the feminine essence are being born.

When our womb is full of negative emotions, it has no room to contain anything else.

The Yoni Steam supports you in releasing past traumas, in order to welcome bliss, happiness and creative flow.

The wisdom of herbalists and Polish herbs
Our herbs are sourced from the purest region of Poland, Podlasie, where they have been handcrafted from wild meadows and forest, by the wise herbalists.

Each blend is hand-prepared and packaged with care.

We use herbs that occur naturally in our country and which healing properties were well known to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

These include soothing chamomile, skin soothing calendula, anti-inflammatory catnip, strengthening rosehip, blood-purifying yarrow, skin softening and mucus-regulating valerian, moisturizing cornflower, antibacterial lavender and more.



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