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Spiritual tool for feminine energy work

Yoni means a sacred space, the place where everything originates from, the original source of creation. Yoni also refers to female reproductive organs, including the womb, which is the Source of life. Yoni is the energetic portal throught a brand new soul enters the earth realm. It is the most magnificent and magical part of female body.

A natural gemstone or crystal, which has been hand crafted and polished into the shape of an egg (the symbol of life and fertility) - is called a Yoni Egg.

Gemstones and crystals have been used as healing tools for centuries, they bring balance and harmony to the physical and spiritual aspects of our existence.

Yoni eggs are an excellent tools for working with the feminine sexual energy, the energy of creation and lifeforce.

They will help you to reconnect to your inner wisdom, tap into your intuition.

You will connect the feminine essence and embody the true goddess within yourself.

This powerful medium will help you heal any shame you might carry, around sexuality, so then you could fully accept your holy, bountiful body and enjoy all the wonderful things it carries.

Working with Yoni Eggs will help you deal with fears, blockages around womanhood and allow you to immerse into the emotional world of a feminine being.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (Kegel muscles)
The Yoni Egg practice consists of placing the crystal inside your Yoni (vagina) and then engaging your pelvic floor muscles, by consciously contracting and relaxing them (similar to doing the popular Kegles).

A regular practice strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, giving a sense of control over your own body, while opening you up to experiencing pleasure and orgasms.

It allows you to get more satisfying sex and has a positive effect on the relationship with your intimate partner.

Using Yoni Eggs will also enable you to better prepare yourself for childbirth, and afterwards you will help you to recover soon. 

Toning your pelvic floor muscles with Yoni Eggs, will help you deal with the embarrasing yet common issues that many women suffer from, such as urinary incontinence or prolapse.

These are not Kegel Balls
Unlike natural, crystal Yoni Eggs, popular kegle balls are usually made out of synthetic silicone or a mixture of harmful plastic.

While Yoni Eggs exist to help strengthen the connection you have with your body, awaken your erotic potential, and take care of your soul - the purpose of kegle balls is mainly focused on sexual pleasure.

That's not to say that both won't give you better orgasms and help you become more satisfied in bed, in that respect, they work in a similar way.

As a matter of fact you can excersise your pelvic floor muscles with both Yoni Eggs and kegle balls.

The point is simply that the Yoni Eggs can offer you much more benefits, and they are free from any toxic materials.

They were created specifically to take care of not only the physical aspect of femininity, but also the spiritual and mental.

Healing properties and the power of crystals
Our Yoni Eggs are made from 9 types of minerals, these are: Crytsal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian, Nephrite Jade, Green Aventurine, Gray Agate, Carneol and Rhodonite.

Each mineral has different healing properties: it can be energy cleansing, protective, coul help you witch achiving your goals, manifest your desires, strenghten the self loe energy and many more.

Yoni Eggs come in 3 sizes, and can be drilled or undrilled. We suggest getting the medium (M) size  egg for beginners, which is ideal for most women.

If you have already given birth, choose the largest egg, size L.

Yoni Eggs are safe
It is believed the tradition of using Yoni Eggs comes from ancient China, where it was exclusive for royal families. It was used by empresses, believing that by maintaining a healthy and strong vagina, will bring them beauty, prosperity and longelivity.

Our Yoni Eggs are made out of natural gemstones which do not react with the skin or its secretions; they also gold a gemmological certificate of authenticity.

Crytsal Yoni Eggs are eco-friendly (the crystal does not wear off), safe (they are created without chemicals, silicone, adhesives, waxes or dyes) and easy to clean (just wash them in soapy water).

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