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Crystal Dildo as a work of art
The word Yoni comes from ancient Hindu Sanskrit. It literally means "the womb" and  also the female sexual organs altogheter.

It defines both the physical and spiritual aspect of femininity.

This Yoni massage wand is made out of a natural crystal, handcrafted and polished by skilled craftsmen. The crystal is given an elongated shape, often phallic, and both of it ends are being rounded smoothy. This is how a crystal dildo is made.

The energetic properties of crystals make them excellent healing tools, enhancing emotional healing, chakra balancing and spiritual development.

Their smooth surface, varied shapes and rounded ends, make Yoni Wands perfect tools for own body exploration, erotic body massage, or Yoni massage.

Spiritual Sex Toys
Yoni Crystal Wands are one-of-a-kind erotic accessories.

Depending on their shape, they allow for shallow, gentle vaginal exploration as well as deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.

Thanks to them, each self-love ritual, will invite you into a completely new world of experiencing intimacy, pleasure and orgasms.

You will slowly discover your body, at your own terms and pase, and bless it with tenderness and respect which it truly  deserves.

Luxury pleasure for women
Allow yourself to get to know and love your entire body and simply place your own needs first. It will result in deepening not only the relationship you have with yourself, but also the intimate bond you share with your partner.

Crystals are naturally conducting heat which makes them easy adjustable to body temperature.

Nevertheless, to give yourself more sensations, each Yoni Wand can be heated or cooled under a stream of water, at the desired temperature.

Yoni Crystal Wand or a Vibrator
While vibrators are typically made of silicone with added dyes and other harmful chemicals, Yoni Crystal Wands are hand-carved out of single gemstone blocks, free from any added or toxic substances.

Unlike the everlasting Yoni Crystal Wands, the life span of a vibrator, ranges from 1 year up to several years.

The vibrator is equipped with a little motor that makes it buzz, but it also requires battery power.

Our crystal dildos require neither of these things and on top of giving you sexual satisfaction, they literally energise you.

Unlike the Crystal Wand, the purpose of a vibrator is to give you a quick (but often shallow) clitoral orgasm.

Using a crystal wand, on the other hand, and caressing your body while slowly exploring the deepst and most sensitive parts of it, will help you to discover the layers of pleasure you have never experienced before.

Is it safe?
The first known dildos were created approximatelly 28 thousand years ago.

They were crafted from various types of stones, minerals, wood, animal bones etc.

Our Yoni Wands are made out of gemstones which can not cause any allergic reaction on the skin, they don't cause any reaction when contactind body fluid either and they hold a gemmological certificate of authenticity.

Crystal dildos are eco-friendly (the crystal won't wear off and doesn't need batteries), safe (they were created without chemicals, glues, waxes or dyes), easy to clean (just wash them in soapy water) and can be used with any type of lube.


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